5 reasons why start-ups don’t need testers

I would like to argue the need for a separate team that is in charge of the quality of the software by giving you 5 reasons why technology startups don’t need testers:

  • A Q&A team will reduce the responsibility of the software engineers over their own code.
  • If a software engineer has a tester looking for corner cases on his code, he will tend to think less about them when writing it.
  • It is part of a programmer job to test his own code. It’s like a marriage, you are in it for the good and the bad :)
  • A test driven approach to code writing has proven to deliver excellent results on code quality because it makes the software engineer think first at testing and then at coding.
  • Testing the code and thinking about testing gets you out of your comfort zone as a developer.

I think that the tester should be replaced by :
- the software engineering team by writing automated tests on their code
- the end user of the product by setting up A/B testing scenarios and the right analytics and metrics for the product.

This way the software team will be more responsible for its own code and will be in direct contact with the users of the product which will make the overall quality of the products better.


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