7 Tips to Deliver a Great Presentation

I would like to give you some insights on presenting in front of a rather big audience (100+) after my experience at Venture Connect.

For the event, I had to do a 6 minute presentation of our app and to stand up for another 6 minutes of Q&A. Now, I am not the speaker type of person, I only had to do a couple of presentations until now, most of them school related.

So, what did I do? Here are the 7 things that made me deliver a great presentation:

  1. Know your audience – this is really important, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your audience. You have to know what their expectations are and talk about stuff that is interesting and useful for them.
  2. Keep it short and simple – In fact make it shorter and simpler than you would think. I got help on this aspect from Catalin, who made me think shorter an simpler. We had to make a 6 minutes presentation, so when I was rehearsing, I was aiming for 5 minutes. That way I knew I had 1 minute to spare.
  3. Make it beautiful – We, humans, are aesthetic creatures. We love things that look good, we are crazy about things that look great (iPhone anybody?). So, when making a presentation, make it as gorgeous as possible. Simple and gorgeous. And Mateo delivered a great design for our presentation.
  4. Smile – I recommend smiling anytime, anywhere. Especially when you talk in front of a crowd. I was smiling while presenting and I was seeing people in the audience smiling back. A great feeling!
  5. Reherse, reherse, reherse – This is in my opinion the most important thing to deliver a great presentation. You have to reherse it as many times as possible. With an audience. I had a great audience that bared with me: Georgiana, Catalin, Cristina and Octavian. Thanks!
  6. Dress your way out of the clutter – At an event, you have to stand out. I dressed in a pair of green trousers and a pink shirt and a gray hoodie over it. And because we create an app that automatically generates harmonious color palettes, I made sure that my green trousers and my pink shirt are complementary colors (remember my last article on the theory behind Real Colors?). The hoodie gave me a geekish look, which was exactly what I was looking for.
  7. Drink something before – This is not for everybody, but it worked for me. I am very nervous before talking in front of an audience, and a shot of vodka before was the perfect remedy to get me in the zone. A shot of vodka and 10 minutes of meditation.

I have uploaded the presentation on slideshare, you can check it out bellow.

What were your experiences with presenting in front of an audience? Are there any other tips?


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