New Product: Haute – Fashion Color Advice

I am very excited to share a sneak peak into our latest product at Makan Studios. It is called Haute – Fashion Color Advice and it helps fashion conscious people get their look right by suggesting color matching combinations in real time on your their mobile phones.

With Haute, your device becomes your very own assistant helping you to make the best fashion decisions, faster!

Haute helps you answer questions like: 

- What other colors can I wear with my favorite top?
- Will these shoes go well with the skirt I bought last week?
- Which colors go well together?

Haute will be available for iPhone users (3G, 4, 4G, 5 with at least iOS 6.0) and for Android users with at least Android 4.0. We want to launch Haute to the whole world in a couple of weeks.

Until then, you can get early access to Haute by enrolling in our private beta program here:



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