My Sports

I am a big fan of sports and I thought I created a small list of what I like to practice and a few recommandations for you if you want to start practicing it.

  1. Freeride Skiing. I started skiing in the 11th grade, in Vatra Dornei, Suceava. First time I put my skis on I was fascinated by other riders, I wanted to be just like them :) A couple of years ago I started to go out of the piste, I started practicing freeride. Since then I opened a ski and snowboard shop ( and I have been making a lot of progress and friends along the way. I believe there is magic in the moments after a powder day, when you chill and tell stories with the other riders in a mountain chalet next to the fire.
  2. Kitesurfing and other sports that require a kite: landkite, snowkite. Kitesurfing combines a couple of things that I really enjoy: technology, the seaside and taming the forces of nature. It can be a dangerous sport so if you want to start practicing it, get an instructor. I sometimes teach kitesurfing, usually in the summer.
  3. Tango. I am not sure if I should count it as a sport. It is a very challenging, it requires physical and psychical balance and a good dose of self awareness. The tango classes are very good places to meet cool people, so I definitely recommend it as a social activity.
  4. Darts. I like playing darts in the short breaks we get or at home. A really interesting statistical approach to playing darts can be found here. In short, what it says is that depending on your level of play, you should aim at different places: if you are pro-player, aim for the triple of 20, if you are average player, aim for the triple of 19 and if you are a lousy player aim for the bulls eye.
  5. Swimming. I am now trying to learn the butterfly style, if you have any tips let me know.

Our cat playing darts

Kitesurfing in Ulcinj, Montenegro

Kitesurfing in Ulcinj, Montenegro

skiing in kaunertal, austria

Skiing in Kaunertal, Austria